Culinary Craft

Culinary Craft

Culinary Craft

A rich, bold bourbon whiskey with notes of vanilla and toffee balanced by a full body, Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon lives up to the warm promise of its name. It beckons with the carefully caramelized flavor of browned butter, a wildly transformative ingredient beloved and toiled over by chefs around the world.

The bourbon doesn’t just capture the decadence of its namesake ingredient, it’s also a playful nod to culinary experimentation, the curiosity that drives chefs to bring flavors to life in new ways.

It is through this experimentation, and skillful melding of complex flavors, that an indulgently layered masterpiece was crafted.

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Jon Taffer knows a stand-out spirit when he tastes one. After all, he’s spent years transforming bars from the brink of closure into profitable businesses, a mission that is so often inspired by the perfect pour. It was while producing one of his many episodes of Bar Rescue that Taffer and his chefs were experimenting in the kitchen after a long day of production — it’s the relentless creativity during these after-hours moments where many great culinary ideas originate.

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